Where To Find The Best Options During Open Enrollment

Once again, it’s open enrollment time! From November 1 to December 15, you can shop for a new health insurance plan. Do you know what your options are? Do you know how to find your best options during open enrollment? Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2020 There are several things to consider when you’re shopping for […]

What Are Health Insurance Options For The Self-Employed?

Self-employment has become increasingly popular over the past year with the pandemic. Many businesses took a financial toll due to the pandemic, which has boosted the number of self-employed individuals – either freelancing or starting their own ventures. But many newly self-employed individuals are concerned about how and where to find quality health insurance options. […]

How To Save Money When Choosing Your Health Insurance

On top of health insurance consisting of many options, it can also get expensive to have and maintain for yourself and your family. Yet, it is still critical now more than ever to be covered under a plan you trust that won’t break the bank. As your health insurance expert advisor, I want to share […]

Great Options Outside Of Open Enrollment To Consider

Did you miss the open enrollment period? You, like many Americans, may have missed it. And that’s okay. Unfortunately, it is not surprising. This happens to many people who were not aware that the time for open enrollment came and passed. Fortunately for you, there are some great options outside of open enrollment to consider. […]

How The Small Business Labor Shortage Affects Health Insurance

It’s no secret that the recent supply chain disruption has impacted companies across the world. Even more so, the small business labor shortage affects health insurance unlike never before. While it may be surprising to hear, there are some solutions to finding health insurance that fit the way current small businesses operate – even with […]

A Breakdown Of Health Insurance Costs, Definitions, And Other Realities

Congratulations! You’ve graduated college and now have your first job. However, your 26th birthday is coming up in a few years, and you aren’t at all sure what it means to be “kicked off” of your parent’s insurance. Are you wondering, “what will health insurance costs look like for me on my own?” And if […]