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Go According
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“More heart attacks are striking those under the age of 40.”

– American College of

“[Breast cancer] rates begin to
increase after age 40.”

– Susan G. Komen

The Critical Illness Health
Insurance Coverage You
Need, When You Need It

Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Alleviates The Hardships Of Cancer &

Other Serious Diagnosis


Many people who suffer, or have

suffered, from critical illnesses such as

cancer, stroke, or heart attack have spent

more time worrying over their finances

than focusing on recovery. With the right

insurance policy, you can have confidence

in moving forward with treatment so you

and your family can focus on healing.


Individuals and families who prioritize recovery can avoid:


  • Compounding the trauma of critical illness with lost wages

  • Canceling children’s extracurricular activities to save for treatment

  • Forgoing quality time together while trading shifts to provide around the clock care

  • Developing depression and anxiety over a loved one’s diagnosis

Struggling to find the best critical illness

insurance plan your family needs is stressful

in an already traumatizing time. Find the

right policy with Diana Reeves and her

referral network.

Roger & Samantha Made The
Decision To Enroll To Mitigate The
Risks Of A Possible Future Diagnosis

Roger, Predisposed
To Cancer

His labor intensive profession building HVAC systems keeps Roger in pretty good shape. Around the time of his 45th birthday, Roger found out he is predisposed to the cancer his father is now battling. In an effort to prepare for the worst and alleviate potential financial hardships for his wife and children, Roger knew he needed to add additional medical insurance options to the bare bones, limited policy he held as a freelancer just in case of emergencies. These days, Roger still enjoys staying active in his personal and professional life. More importantly, after working with Diana to find the right critical illness insurance policy, he has confidence that he can afford screenings and treatment for his predisposed condition. Knowing his family won’t suffer financially through a diagnosis or even his death gives Roger peace of mind to enjoy the life he loves.

Samantha Chose To Be

After learning of her co-worker’s struggle to make ends meet after her husband’s heart attack, Samantha decided to take action now to prevent ever being in that situation. Today, Samantha and her husband have a comprehensive insurance plan that will carry them through whatever life may bring. They continue to live healthy lives, but the idea of either having a heart attack or stroke no longer means re-mortgaging their home.

Live your life without the looming fear of a critical illness diagnosis with the right
insurance policy for you and your family.

Your Search Stops Here For
A Quality Critical Illness
Insurance Policy You Can Rely On

Stop Fearing For The Future & Enjoy

Today With Critical Illness Health Insurance 

By working with Diana Reeves Health

Insurance, you can look forward to:

  • An insurance plan tailored to your needs

  • Access to doctors and hospitals in your area
    Answers to all your insurance and healthcare questions

  • Industry insight from over 2 decades of medical background experience

  • Ability to make up for lost wages to fund time off work, cover deductibles, travel expenses, childcare, and more

Insurance isn’t complicated with Diana Reeves’s years of expertise ready to help you make the right decisions and choose the best plan.

Diana Takes The Unknown Out Of


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Are Your Health Insurance Needs Being Met?

Be better protected with Diana Reeves
so you can focus on recovery.


Different types of policies have different underwriting requirements for each diagnosis, so it is dependent on several factors. Let’s talk about the details to explore your options.

With critical illness insurance in Houston, you can concentrate on recovery, knowing you have enough money to cover day-to-day expenses and unexpected costs. The funds you receive can be used to pay for out-of-network healthcare and treatments, fund extra time off work, cover deductibles, co-pays, rehabilitation, travel for out-of-town care, babysitters, and more.

Some policies have a return of premium on death if the policy was not used, and some have a particular death benefit.

Even with preventative care, a critical illness can happen at any time. Prepare yourself and your family for any hardships that may follow a critical illness diagnosis by enrolling today.

Not having to use your critical illness policy is the best case scenario for you and your family. Having the policy on hand alleviates the stress and anxiety of what may happen if you or a loved one were to fall ill. Some policies have a return of premium on death if the policy was not used, and some have a particular death benefit. It depends on which policy you choose to go with.