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“69% of adults from 35 to 44 years old have lost at least one permanent tooth.”

— Centers For Disease
Control & Prevention

“Among adults 65 to 74, 26% have lost all their teeth.”

— Centers For Disease
Control & Prevention

Dental Services Can Be A Drain On Your Wallet

But Going Without Coverage Is Taking A Gamble


When you have an emergency situation on your hands, can you afford to have a waiting period for your dental plan? If you don’t have coordinating dental coverage, you might have to.


Preventive dental care is essential, and emergency procedures often can’t wait. You may also experience:

  • Different waiting periods for various procedures
  • Delayed tests and exams in fear of paying for them out of pocket
  • Putting aside dental work on already deteriorating and painful conditions


Take a proactive approach for the future health of your teeth and gums and get the right dental coverage for you and your family.

Different Dental Needs Allows
People Like You To Determine The
Right Level Of Coverage

Gale Steps Up
Coverage As She Gets

After her 40th birthday, Gale decided it was time to step up her dental coverage. Knowing her family’s dental history, she wants to ensure she’s covered for future procedures to keep the health of her teeth in check. Talking to Diana left her feeling confident that she made the best decision for her dental health.

Adjusting Dental Coverage
Saves Carlos Money

A freelance consultant in his 20s, Carlos
spends most of his days networking and
talking to clients. With a healthy set of
teeth, he isn’t too concerned about having
a premium dental plan and is open to
looking at reduced coverage to help him
save money. He gave Diana a call and
ended up with a preventive plan that
works better for him and his budget.

Find comprehensive dental insurance now and avoid potentially paying thousands
of dollars out of your own pocket later.

Cut Ties With Hefty Out-Of-Pocket
Dental Bills

Find An Appropriate Plan To Keep You Covered

Dental health varies from one person to another. So why stick to a plan that doesn’t fit your exact needs? Diana Reeves offers bundled health insurance benefits for self-employed professionals, families, and businesses needing real solutions to fit their lifestyles.

Choose from 3 dental plans tailored to your needs:


Preventive Care

Preventative cleanings
Healthy maintenance


Basic Care

Checkups and cleanings
Diagnostic x-rays
Periodontal scaling


Major Care

Cavity care
Root canals
Crowns and implants
Other orthodontic services

Life is less stressful when you check that off your
list with Diana Reeves Health Insurance.

Here’s How Diana Makes
A Difference

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Are You Left Grinding Your Teeth Looking For
Dental Insurance In Houston?

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PPO dental plans, also known as full coverage dental plans, are the most common type of dental plan because they:

  • Offer flexibility to members to see any dentist
  • Allow access to in-network dentists for greater benefits
  • Have benefits for routine services and exams, and major services like crowns and extractions

It’s critical to have dental insurance if you want to avoid paying out of pocket for routine and emergency dental services. Visiting a dentist for either one can vary in price greatly without coverage. 

Here are a few more examples of the estimated cost difference for common dental services for an uninsured patient compared to an insured patient:

Cleaning: $90-$200 / $0 OR is partially covered with insurance

Root canal: $1,000+ / $200-$500 with insurance

Metal braces: $5,000-$6,000 / $3,000 with insurance

Call 713-806-5966 or schedule a consultation with Diana Reeves today to find a dental plan that works for you.

Most dental insurance plans cover a single visit to the dentist every 6 months or 2 times a year. This type of visit will usually include a cleaning, basic assessment, and fluoride treatment.

It’s recommended that you do not wait for emergency dental care. It’s also important to know that most dental insurance plans will have a waiting period for many dental services.

However, if you would like to explore your options, call Diana Reeves immediately at 713-806-5966 to find a plan you can use right away without a waiting period. In the future, the best course of action is to plan ahead and find dental coverage that specifically handles emergency care.