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“Only 40% of U.S. households have enough liquid savings to cover 3 months of recurring expenses, and only 28% can cover at least 6 months.”

– Council For Disability

“1 in 4 of today’s 20-year-olds can expect to be out of work for at least a year because of a disabling condition before they reach normal retirement age.”z

– Council For Disability

You Have Options If An
Illness Or Injury Prevents
You From Working

Disability Income Insurance In Houston Replaces Wages So You Can Recover


Life happens. And sometimes that means an illness or injury gets in the way of you performing in your career. Since a majority of Americans don’t have the liquid savings to cover the costs of regular expenses on top of unexpected medical expenses, an injury or illness could lead to severe debt, loss of housing, food insecurities, and more. Houston disability insurance coverage through Diana Reeves will replace some of your regular income if you’re not able to work.


Without disability insurance, you may live in fear of:



  • Pulling children from extracurricular activities they enjoy

  • Having to rely on food pantries to feed your family

  • Not being able to afford transportation for doctor’s appointments

  • Losing your house due to the inability to make rent or mortgage payments


Diana Reeves disability insurance in Houston gives you options when you can’t work. Make the call today and be ready for whatever life may bring.

Why Russell & Clarissa Chose To Be

Russell Learns To Take
Action Now

While he loves his career working as a teacher, Russell knows his PTO is limited. After watching a colleague struggle financially because an accident prevented her from working for a month, Russell chose to take action before it was too late. Since meeting with Diana Reeves, Russell has found peace of mind with a Texas long term disability plan. These days, Russell lives the life he loves but appreciates the added security of disability income insurance in case an accident or sudden illness impairs his ability to provide for his family.

Clarissa Safeguards Her

She has the career of her dreams and doesn’t mind the 30-minute commute every morning and evening. But Clarissa knows her weekend cycling hobby could lead to an accident. While she hopes an accident wouldn’t prevent her from doing her job, she knows that it would likely not allow her to drive herself to work. Since meeting with Diana Reeves, Clarissa has found comfort in continuing the hobby she loves without the fear of losing her income should an accident occur.

Diana Reeves helps individuals and families choose the long term disability
insurance plans in Houston they can rely on.

Never Worry About
Lost Wages Again

The Possibility Of An Injury Or Illness Shouldn’t Drain Your Bank Account

Diana Reeves works with families and individuals to find the best plan possible. Taking into account your needs and budget, Diana Reeves Health Insurance can help you look forward to:

  • An insurance plan tailored to your needs

  • Continued income to pay for groceries, transportation, childcare, mortgage payments, and more

  • Industry insight from over 2 decades of medical background experience

  • Quick answers to any questions you have about your plan and its benefits

Diana Reeves uncomplicates disability income insurance so you can have confidence that an accident won’t hurt you financially.

Diana’s Happy Clients Are Grateful
For Her Expertise

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Unfortunately, disability income insurance, like other policies, is a proactive option. This means that to be effective, you must enroll prior to contracting an illness or experiencing an injury. Schedule an appointment to learn about your options today.

Every insurance policy differs. However, it is most typical that a disability income insurance plan will replace a portion of your salary, but not the entire amount. This is why it’s important to use disability income insurance as a supplemental plan paired with your retirement and savings accounts when possible.

Each insurance plan and person is unique. Diana Reeves can work with you to determine the financial benefits available should you find yourself unable to work due to an injury or illness.