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Family Life Insurance In Houston Enables
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After Your Death

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“The national median cost of a funeral with a burial is $7,300.”

– National Funeral Directors

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“8 out of 10 consumers overestimate the expense of getting a life insurance policy.”

– Life Happens

Your Family Can Inherit Generational Wealth Instead Of Your Debt

Life Insurance In Houston, Texas Can Empower Your Future Generations


Talking about your’s and your family’s eventual death is uncomfortable. But leaving your family struggling to pay your debts after you pass away is even worse. No one can avoid death forever, but you can confidently live your life knowing your family will be financially stable after your own death.


Houston life insurance options can leave you feeling confident in your family’s financial future without the fears of:


  • Not feeling closure through a proper end of life funeral or other celebration of life ceremony

  • Inability to afford your final resting place where your family can visit and grieve
    Burdening your family with your debts

  • Not moving forward because of financial hardships

Diana Reeves is a life insurance agent in Houston who can help you prepare to continue showing your family love and support even after you’ve passed.

Mark & Gloria Feel Confident In Their Family’s Futures

Mark Chose The Plan To
Protect His Children

Mark is a small business owner and while things are good now, he knows from experience that things can change on a dime. Over the years, his financial stability has been inconsistent. After laying awake too many nights hoping that he’s in good financial standing when he eventually dies, he decided to do something more concrete. After meeting with Diana Reeves, Mark found a life insurance plan that gives him confidence in his children’s financial future. No more worrying about the cost of a funeral or any debts he may incur in his future. Diana Reeves Health Insurance gives Mark peace of mind.

Gloria Is Confident
Knowing Her End-Of-Life
Expenses Are Covered

When Gloria’s father passed away unexpectedly when she was a child, she saw the financial hardships that followed her mother for years afterward. It took a while to get back on their feet, but the fear of what happened to her parents never left. So when Gloria and her husband met with Diana, they were relieved to find a quality life insurance company in Houston. Knowing that if either of them were to pass away and the other would not face financial obstacles gives them peace. This allows them to raise their children with the experiences they only dreamed of growing up.

Life insurance policies give your and your loved one's peace of mind now and after
your death.

Living Without Life
Insurance Creates
Unnecessary Worry

A Life Insurance Policy Can Rid Your Life

Of Anxiety Knowing Your Family Will Remain Financially Stable

When you work with Diana Reeves, you


  • A life insurance plan tailored to you and your family’s needs

  • Freedom to plan your funeral without wondering how your loved ones will pay for the expense

  • Confidence in younger generations’ ability to expand generational wealth

  • 2 decades of medical background experience and life insurance expertise

Diana Reeves prepares families and individuals for financial freedom after you or a loved one pass away.

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Prepare For Death & Make The Most Out Of Life

When a loved one passes away, financial hardships can compound the
grieving process. Diana Reeves strives to provide the best life
insurance policies, answer all your questions, and set you and your
families up for a healthy financial future.


Many young adults are surprised to learn they can sign up for a life insurance plan for under $20 a month. No one knows when they are going to pass away, but even if you don’t have children of your own, your loved ones can still benefit from your life insurance plan. It’s never too soon to enroll.

There are several factors that determine when your family will receive your life insurance benefits after your death. Diana Reeves can help you through the process today to ensure a seamless payout to your family after your death.

Suicide isn’t viewed as taboo like it once was. While each plan is different, many have a stipulation that suicide won’t be covered within a specific amount of years. If you do have thoughts of suicide, please contact a suicide helpline today.

Each plan is different. Typically, life insurance benefits won’t pay out to a beneficiary who commits homicide against the deceased.