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“Age-related macular
degeneration is the leading
cause of visual impairment and reading problems in people over the age of 60.

— Centers For Disease Control
& Prevention

“About 3 million people suffer from [glaucoma], although most
don't know it.”

— The Glaucoma Research

Have You Been Neglecting Your Eye Health?

Spotting A Reliable Insurance Plan In Houston Could Save Your Vision

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long. Even if you think you don’t need corrective lenses, regular checkups and testing can assist with diagnosing serious illnesses like cancer, glaucoma, and even macular detachment from traumatic events like a car accident.

Going without a comprehensive vision plan means you could:

  • Pay hundreds of more dollars out of pocket for frames and contact lenses
  • Allow refractive errors to progress, preventing you from seeing at night and being able to read smaller print
  • Delay treatment and surgery that could restore part of your vision
  • Miss out on early diagnosis for diabetes and glaucoma


Your eyes say a lot more about your overall health than you might think. They’re an essential part of your body and deserve to be treated right with effective insurance.

View Vision Coverage More Clearly…
Just Like Jennifer & Chris

Jennifer’s Son Was
Squinting To Read

Jennifer is a single mother in her 30s who works at an office job she loves even though there are no benefits offered. After speaking to her son’s third-grade teacher about his struggle to see the lesson board, she decided it was time to look into vision coverage for the both of them before shelling out a ton of money for an appointment and new pair of glasses. After talking to Diana about her options, she’s glad she did. They can now receive the eye care they both need, and her son no longer needs to squint to view the lessons ahead of him.

Chris Is Capable Of
Developing Glaucoma

As a software professional who works from home, Chris needs to be certain his prescription glasses and contacts are in top-notch condition. While his work-from-home position has its perks for a man in his 40s, it doesn’t offer the benefits of a vision plan. He knows his dad and grandfather had glaucoma, and he wants to be sure he’s taking the right proactive measures for the health of his eyes. After speaking with Diana Reeves, he was able to find a vision plan that works for his needs so he can get to an optometrist regularly, keeping his eye health under control.

There are a number of reasons why you should see an eye doctor regularly.
But if you’re like so many others, you don’t want to empty your bank
account to do so. It’s important to know that you have options with Diana
Reeves Health Insurance.

Before You Skip Out On Another Optometry

Talk To Diana Reeves About Bundling Health Insurance Benefits


Working with Diana can change the way you look at making medical, dental, vision, and life insurance decisions. Whether you’re self-employed, a small business owner, or simply want to explore your options, Diana can help you find a vision plan that offers:

  • Up to 84% savings on vision services

  • Access to over 71,000 providers

  • Comprehensive eye exam coverage

  • Corrective lens coverage for both glasses and contacts

  • An annual allowance towards frames


With more than 2 decades of experience in a medical background, Diana Reeves offers her services to people just like you who are looking for quality vision insurance that fits their current and future concerns.

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Because medical, dental, and vision insurance are treated separately, it’s important to be covered for all 3. However, doing so doesn’t have to be expensive. Bundling your coverage can save you time and money whether you are looking to cover yourself, your family, or even your employees as a small business owner.

Most vision plans acknowledge benefits on an annual basis. Typically, you are allotted one covered eye exam, and a set amount that can go towards your total spend for glasses (every year) or prescription contact lenses. Most plans do not roll over benefits from year to year, so be sure to use them while they apply.

Depending on your plan, most insurance plans cover a certain amount towards contact lenses and frames every year.

Eye exams typically begin at age 3 for children, so your child should have vision coverage by then. While plans vary on a case by case basis, your child’s annual exam should be covered. It’s important to take your child to their eye doctor regularly as your doctor can often detect vision problems early and/or before they begin school.