Where To Find The Best Options During Open Enrollment

by Diana Reeves | Sep 14, 2021
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Once again, it’s open enrollment time!

From November 1 to December 15, you can shop for a new health insurance plan. Do you know what your options are? Do you know how to find your best options during open enrollment?

Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2020

There are several things to consider when you’re shopping for a health plan during open enrollment. Your circumstances may or may not have changed over the last year. Regardless, you don’t need to stick with your current policy if it doesn’t fit your needs.

As this may be the one opportunity during the year to make any adjustments, it’s important to invest time in researching your options. There are exceptions to open enrollment, usually life-changing events such as loss of health coverage, changes in residence, and changes in the household. Some of these qualifying events are foreseeable, such as a dependent turning 26 and aging out of their parents’ plan, but most are not.

There are other private health plan options you may qualify for outside of open enrollment.

Review Your Current Plan

Going into open enrollment, review your finances and look over any price increases to your current plan. Additionally, verify that your dependents’ medical needs are still covered.

For instance, dental insurance coverage of braces may change year to year. Or if you or a dependent requires ongoing physical therapy or has a mental health problem, verify whether your insurer imposes coverage limits on the number of visits or coverage.

Prescription medications can fluctuate in price, and you’ll want to double-check all of your family’s medications are covered under your plan. Review any prior authorization requirements. Employer-sponsored cannot impose a pre-existing condition waiting periods, but insurers may require pre-authorization for non-emergency care.

It is important to review all of you and your family’s medical needs because these factors will affect your access to care and how much it will cost you.

You should be aware of everything that is covered and not covered.

Where To Find The Best Options During Open Enrollment

Once you’ve received your current plan and have decided that your plan does not serve your family well, it’s time to search for a new plan. Here is where to find the best options during open enrollment.

What’s Important To You

The best health care option is the option that works for you.

Is choosing your doctor important to you? If so, you want the flexibility that comes with a preferred provider organization (PPO). PPOs may be more expensive than some health plans but may offer more flexibility and value.

However, the referral process of HMO insurance can cause you headaches when you’re trying to find relief from one.

Is finding the cheapest plan a priority?

If so, then you will not get the best coverage and may so more financial hurt down the line.

Ultimately, it’s your choice to identify what’s important to you and your family.

The Affordable Care Act

If you are interested in seeing what options you have through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, visit www.healthcare.gov.

Depending on your income, there will be different premiums and tax credits available to you. Although this may be some people’s only option, the healthcare providers listed under these available plans are unfortunately not always taking on new patients. Be prepared for a lengthy process that may not yield the options that fit your needs.

For Businesses With More Than 50 Employees

Businesses with 50 employees or more are required to offer health insurance benefits in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Ask your human resources department or employer for information regarding their employer-sponsored benefits.

With health insurance premiums steadily climbing in recent years, many companies have chosen to save money by not extending benefits to spouses of employees. When possible, you will want to ensure that your dependents and their health needs will be covered under your employer-provided insurance policy.

For Dependent Children

Although employer-sponsored plans generally cover dependent children, another option is Chip. As with other plans, your income can be the determining factor in which plan is best and also available for your family. Medicaid is an option for your children if you do not qualify for Chip.

For 65+

The benefits of age go beyond wisdom. Medicare is available to U.S. residents over the age of 65.

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